September 17, 2014


as far as the eye can see!  Wes had a work function this evening so I tried to make the most of a long evening with the boys.  Of course in the hustle and bustle of leaving the house I forgot my "real camera".  I am so thankful for the iphone in times like this!  We picked up dinner and drove to Clear Meadow Farm to view the sunflower field.

12 Years...

I seriously cannot believe it!  

He ordered a mint football cake from our neighbor and we made homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.

He joked that instead of blowing out the candles he was going to lick his fingers and squeeze...thankfully he was too scared.

He spent his birthday at the Yard with his dad.  They went early enough for batting practice.  He scored a ball and an autograph by Steve Pearce.  The Orioles won 2-1 that evening putting them one game closer to clinching the American League East.
Last evening, the Orioles clinched the AL East for the first time since 1997.  This was the O's first home win to clinch the division since 1969.  Do you know what player hit a three-run shot and gave the O's a first-inning lead?

which made his birthday autograph even more sweet!

September 14, 2014

Week 37:52 {Seasonal}...

During Kindergarten last year, Eli's class grew different seeds in a plastic bag to learn about germination.  When he brought the experiment home he asked to plant the pumpkin seed in the front landscaping bed.  

So this summer Eli planted the seed.  He diligently watered it and checked on it frequently to see if there was any growth.  A couple months ago we had 2 green pumpkins (a medium sized one and a larger one).  Eli was so proud to see that his diligence paid off.  This last month, we watched it change from green to orange.

Here is Eli with his pumpkin that he planted from a seed.

September 6, 2014

Bella's Puppy Days Part 2...

We think Bella is pretty happy here.  She is growing fast.  She gained 8 lbs. since we picked her up 3 weeks ago.  

Wes is in love.  He's been home for lunch a lot more in the last 3 weeks:)  All the boys are figuring her out.  It's interesting how they all respond so differently to her.  
Eli spends the most time with her right now.  She is the first thing he wants to see when he gets up in the morning.  He loves to carry her and is willing to take her outside to use the bathroom.  He spends a few minutes each day training her to obey different commands.  He runs like crazy if he thinks she's going to nip him but if he happens to find her in a calm place he kisses her and gives her tons of praise.

Will tortures her mercilessly.  Mostly because she really treats him like a litter mate because of his size.  Recently, I taught Will how to play fetch with her...he loves having a constructive way to play with the puppy. 

Joshua loves to give her some quick loving and then move onto something else.  Micaiah loves to play soccer with her and definitely loves to cuddle with her when he can.  

Bella stands under the Eastloch tree and waits for the boys to get off the bus.  She is beginning to recognize the sound of the bus coming down the street. 

Bella absolutely loves the slide.  She tries repeatedly to make it up to the top. 

Here are a few frequent statements we've heard over the last three weeks...
"You must be crazy.  Didn't you have enough people to take care of already?" 
"You just had to get that girl didn't you?"
"It's just like having a new baby right?" 
"She's beautiful.  I may just take her home."
"I'll puppy sit if you want me to."
"Your boys must be so happy." 
Yes it's been busy and sometimes crazy but she's worth it...

September 5, 2014

Week 36:52 {Shapes}...

  This first picture is {Shapes} for my Project52...

I always notice more laughter when my Dad is here...this time was no different.  Especially when Will insisted on being the catcher and calling the pitches for the game of wiffle ball between the boys.

 Here is a little video of the action on the field that day...I shot the video in RAW with my camera so the quality is poor but it's funny!

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New Experiences...

Eli wanted a skateboard for his birthday...I love that he takes risks and tries new things (like chicken liver...see this post).

So before we went to dinner the evening of his birthday we took him to the skate shop and he picked out the different components of his board.  They built it while we were at dinner and we spent the rest of the evening through sunset like this...

September 3, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Eli...

 Eli requested a coconut "Man vs. Wild" Cake from our friend Mallory...

 Then we were off to the Japanese Steakhouse for a fun, entertaining dinner!

 Eli loved the experience.  He ordered shrimp with a side of  chicken livers for dinner!!!  When we asked what made him order chicken livers he said on episode of Man vs. Wild...Bear Grylls said that liver has more protein than steak.  He liked the shrimp better than the chicken livers.  He said maybe the livers would taste better purple (like Bear Grylls ate them) instead of brown:)

 Will was a little unsure of this "steam engine"...

Happy Birthday Eli we love you and pray for a wonderful year ahead!