October 25, 2014


It's Monday morning and we've already dealt with no clean shorts and socks, a meltdown over school being too long and boring and tears just as the bus pulls up and picks up one and pulls away as one is stands in the garage in tears.

Sometimes this is just how Mondays feel...
We get back from dropping the bundle of tears off at school and as Will gets out of the van he spys the new swing Wes hung the day before...
He sat himself down on the new swing did the familiar scootch side to side to position himself just right before yelling,
"Mom, will you push me on the swing superhigh?"
"Sure buddy...hold on tight" I say as I walk toward the swing.
I pushed him once (not high enough to his liking) so I pushed a little higher the second time.  That's when my perspective changed.  

I saw him amidst the bright blue sky with big beautiful cotton ball clouds...and how the tree branches framed him just right.

"Will I want to take a picture of you."

As I reflected on the picture...I saw a few things...trust, risk and the reward of taking on new challenges.  

It reminded me all over again how my default is worry and fear.

Will called on me to push him, he trusted that I would keep him safe...he took the risk to embrace the new swing.

We are at a crossroads on a few different areas of life and parenting and I've been fretting and fearful.   Watching Will this morning reminded me...
I serve a God who wants me to trust him, to take risks and press into Him as I embrace new challenges.  He is willing and able to walk with me through whatever this life may bring my way.