March 30, 2008

Subtle hints?

The boys were playing on their own after lunch today. You know that feeling when you's just too quiet...well I turned the corner and found Joshua with his swim vest and goggles. He wanted to go to the pool.

I explained to him that we couldn't go swimming today because it's too cold...we only go swimming when it's hot outside to which he responded...

"I wanna get it's can we go to the pool?"

After playing like he was swimming in the pool for a while, I told him it was time for a nap. When I got upstairs..."Nonny will you read this to me?" He was holding a book called How Will We Get to the Beach.

Maybe the hints weren't so subtle but I think I know his heart...he's ready for the freedom that only summer can bring!

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Unknown said...

These photos look professional!