March 25, 2012

Multitude Monday #2041 - #2072...

Rejoice always! Pray constantly. Give thanks in everything, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

This verse kept coming to mind this past week. You see...I had plans for spring break with the boys and they all came crashing to a halt when Will got sick.

He's had RSV before, but this time he was miserable...fever of 103...difficulty breathing that made me stop and count breaths to determine if we needed to make an emergency room visit for continuous nebs. He did not want to be put down...he just wanted to be held.

It took a day or two of fighting but then I felt like the Lord began to say to me..."maybe this is exactly what everyone slow and enjoy...will you chose to see me in this too?"

Yes, say give thanks in "everything"...thanks for reminding me yet again that your word is true, you are worthy of my trust and you love us enough "to purge the soul, annihilating it, emptying it or consuming in it (even as fire consumes the mouldiness and the rust of metal) all the affections and imperfect habits which it has contracted its whole life..." (St. John of the Cross)

Giving thanks with the Gratitude Community for His unending gifts ...

2041...the big boys on spring break...

2042...seeing Micaiah tucked into the corner of the couch with a book

2043...everything in bloom

2044...a glorious week of weather...where the sun shines warm and long

2045...seeing Eli walking toward me with his hands behind his back and a smile on his face...knowing that he must have found a patch of flowers somewhere Eli picks me flowers if he sees them and how he wants me to buy a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store

2047...Advil that soothes Will's fever and the nebs that help the cough and the wheezing that just won't let go

2048...Stash Morrocan Mint tea delivered... early day for Wes

2050...going upstairs to make the boys beds and finding them already made...thank you Wes!

2051...the doctor's patient reassurance he screamed for an hour and a half (while I became more and more frazzled as we tried different things to console him) and finally Daddy took him to the piano and played The Earth is Yours and he stopped worship is the thing that soothed him...may I remember to run to Him too

2054...a sweet text from Wes invite for a playdate on just the right day from neighbors encouraging email from my mom reminding me to "rejoice in His name all day long..."

2058...a late night game of tag ball in the backyard Eli tells me "Momma...I love you all the way to Jesus and God and back!"

2060...a week of only doing the essential things

2061...hard eucharisteo...clutter that is out of control

2062...a week where they watched way too much TV, played way too much Wii and iPad and had a blast doing it!!

2063...reading this..."Our goal is to love God with our whole being, to be consistently conscious of God through our daily life---whether it is when we are stopped like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus, or active like Martha, taking care of the tasks of life. We know we have found our balance when we are so deeply rooted in God that our activity is marked by the peaceful, joyful, rich quality of our contemplation." Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

2064...realizing that loving God with my whole being (as in the example above) is something that I want to be more true of my life Will turned his nebulizer mask into a whoopie cushion and how we laughed so hard as he did it over and over again

2066...texts from friends/family that are praying for Will

2067...driving through a "snowstorm" of cherry blossoms Eli made it through the night after we propped him up high and took turns "sleeping" with him early morning doctors appointment that allows us to start the antibiotic for bronchitis quickly Eli going to see him allowed him to check Will's lungs again and confirm that they continue to improve afternoon to spend shopping with a friend His word in Psalm 54:4 says that He is my help and the one who sustains me."

March 19, 2012

Multitude Monday #2007 - #2040 ...

"As you worship me, your perspective changes and you gain balance. To worship Me acceptably with reverence and awe, thankfulness is essential. I designed you to be thankful on a daily, moment-by-moment basis."
Sarah Young

Giving thanks with the Gratitude Community for His unending gifts ... husband's provision for our family...that allows me to stay home with these boys and delight in the everyday ordinary moments

2008...a morning with a friend as we take the kids through the Zoo the baby sifaka held on tight to his mother's back as she leaped from tree to tree

2010...a family game of kickball after dinner

2011...dinner on the back patio

2012...watching him eat a bowl of cereal that his brother left behind...what a beautiful mess...

2013...brothers pouring over memory albums before school one morning

2014...a time of confession with the Lord as I unload the dishwasher...I was brought to tears over my anger and the way it hurts those I love

2015...seeking their forgiveness

2016...praying for strength

2017...Memorizing this portion of James this week...
James 1:21-22 "Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."

2018...packing for the lake

2019...that Will got carsick at just the right exit (the only spot where family lives on the 2 hour 45 minute drive)

2020...that my Aunt Shelley was that we could bathe Will and get back on the road (not to mention her offer to wash the car seat insert for us!)

2021...Grandma and Pap's gift of lunch while we visited on the porch

2022...boys in the hammock

2023...hours at the stream

2024...hearing him say "this is the best first day of spring break!'

2025...rocking the little one to sleep

2026...dinner with friends and enjoying the sunset at the shoreline while they throw rocks in the water lined up on a fallen tree...determined to follow the leader

the leader...

seeing a group of wild turkeys

2029...boys running to greet Poppy

2030...the sunset shining so perfectly

2031...them hand in hand on the path to the lake

2032...Daddy taking time to show Joshua how to skip rocks and the delight it brings him to see his rock skipping

2033...brothers all lined up at the shoreline

2034...spotting animal tracks in the mud

2035...watching him delight in chasing bubbles

2036...hammock swinging

2037...marshmallows roasting

2038...him and his pocket knife

2039...this...just this...

2040...a beautiful ending to a wonderful weekend

March 15, 2012

Eli at the Piano...

Below is a video of Eli practicing for his piano lesson...

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March 12, 2012

Multitude Monday #1982 - #2006...

"Our sufferings etch engraved invitations to intimate places with God." Beth Moore

Giving thanks with the
Gratitude Community for His unending gifts ...

1982...Eli pretending that Will was Jesus and Cameron was God and when I asked him what they're going to do he answers...."They're just playing now."...and how this makes me ponder the playfulness of Jesus.

1983...watching this basketball game

1984...nebulizers that help the coughing stop

1985...snow flurries blowing

1986...trees in bloom

1987..."Mom we're doing amazing teamwork." Micaiah's comment about the boys basketball game as I come outside to take them to school.

1988...Hosea 6:3
"Let us acknowledge the LORD;
let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
he will appear;
he will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth.”

1989...singing this song over and over and thinking when we are "between the rains" He promises that as long as the sun comes up in the morning we can be confident that He is coming...

1990...Micaiah and Eli hand in hand

1991...Eli bringing me the smallest flower as he says "Look what I found for you!" Eli stood his ground in the middle of WalMart wanting to buy flowers for me and how funny it must of been for my Dad to try to talk him out of it (because they had walked there and he knew he would have to carry Eli home)

1993...Jesus being glorified as I share my story

1994...Eli's response to "You're my best friend" he holds his face and says "No, Jesus is your best friend!"

1995...the words to Forget What You Know by Caedmon's Call at the produce market he picks out watermelon, mangos, kiwi, and pineapple and says "I want to have all of that with a cream cheese and honey sandwich for lunch!"

1997...seeing the spark in my grandmothers eyes and knowing that she recognized me somewhere deep within even though Alzheimer's has taken her ability to speak my name

1998...thinking about what a joy it will be on the other side of heaven when she is healed from this horrible disease

1999...the beauty of the process and learning to accept it as such this 1000 gift challenge continues to transform me from the inside out so I keep counting the gifts when Will was singing at the lunch table Eli says "He's singing Beautiful Things Mama!"

2002...little boys counting the days until we go to the lake

2003...Learning Expo at school and how the boys were excited to take me from room to room...making ice cream, squishing grapes, making amphoras, exercising for snacks...

2004...the 3rd graders all dressed in togas (a horrible picture but it's the only one I have!)

2005...a morning of geocaching and how we found 3 out of 4 caches and along the way found a tree and stopped to count the rings, a tuft of hair from a deer tail and a turkey wing afternoon that turned into evening catching up with friends

March 9, 2012


So the other day we were sitting at the table eating lunch and I realized that Will was "singing" something.

I said to Eli..."I think Will is singing us a song."

So we both sat there listening intently trying to make out what he was singing.

We listened for a few minutes and then Eli said...

"He's singing Beautiful Things Mama!"

Today I found him singing it again as he played in his little car in the sunroom...enjoy the video below and may it be a reminder to you that we can worship Him at any time and in any language! It is all beautiful music to His ears...

For those of you not familiar with this song click on "Beautiful Things" highlighted above to see a video of Gungor singing "Beautiful Things"...

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March 8, 2012

Sun Flare...

Something keeps drawing me back to this even though the sun flare goes across his face...I think it's the wonder in his eyes...


March 7, 2012

Basketball @ 603...

Here is a video of the boys at 603...

The team after their game...


being the only girl here...maybe isn't so bad!

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March 5, 2012

Multitude Monday #1948 - #1981...

"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
Thornton Wilder

Giving thanks with the Gratitude Community for His unending gifts ...

1948...enjoying a read aloud with his third grade class

1949...brothers at the table


1950...a chorus of praise in the car before school as we joined together to sing "Stronger" ...unplanned and beautiful...

1951...a night out with a friend to catch up

1952...her encouragement about our faith

1953...the way God works in the lives of others as you move toward Him

1954...sun room mess...boys playing here...


1955...a safe place to share our concerns and how they pray and encourage

1956...a perfectly timed "gratitude" email

1957...Eli in these jammies


1958...a clean oven

1959..a warm spring day to open the windows husbands chicken masterpiece


1961...hard eucahristeo...blowing it again

1962...asking for forgiveness for my lack of self control, praying with him and hugging him long

1963...a yard full of boys...9 to be exact...playing for hours

1964...thinking on this prayer...
"Jesus, show me who you really are. I pray for the true you. I want the real you. I ask you for you. Spirit of God, free me in every way to know Jesus as he really is. Open my eyes to see him. Deliver me from everything false about Jesus and bring me what is true"
John Eldredge, Beautiful Outlaw

1965...a quiet afternoon to read that ended in a much needed nap

1966...a movie night with the family all snuggled close watching The Black Stallion...and Will clapping at the end

1967...watching my husband "shepherd"

1968...a Star Wars duel going on downstairs with the characters fully dressed in I make dinner upstairs

1969...the under cabinet CD/radio in the kitchen that allows me to hear God's word as I work husbands idea of a fun Saturday morning...






1971...Micaiah with his arm around his Daddy's back, holding his hand as they walk through the museum observation tower that puts you at eye level with the plane descending for a landing


1973...a "kidney party" to celebrate those that gathered around our friends during his kidney transplant

1974...hearing him share his new vision for the way he wants to live his life now that he was close to death

1975...silly games and belly laughing with friends

1976...a Sunday morning drive on the back roads before church

1977...a time to honor those that have served so well

1978...tears of gratitude and sorrow mingling together

1978...moving toward Christ as we process change and knowing that He alone is the source of wisdom

1979...that He promises that when we ask for wisdom that "He will give to all generously without finding fault"

1980...the beautiful simplicity of the concept in the book Just a Minute by Wess Stafford but the impact it can have to literally change the world

1981...catching a glimpse of his eyes as I go to get him out of the car...he heard the birds chirping