March 15, 2014

Week 11:52 {Patterns}...

William has been fascinated with the "Polar Express" for a couple of years.  He has been begging for "the mountain to the north pole" for his trains.  We could never seem to figure out a way to build it with his train track and bridge supports.  

Micaiah decided to take on the task of building the mountain with Legos.  He loves attention from his little brother and this was a sure way to secure some. 

 It hasn't been an easy process...he's experienced much frustration as he has built the mountain only to have it fall under the weight of the trains.  But one of his greatest character traits is his perseverance (he gets it from his Daddy).  He doesn't give up.  He gets frustrated and may need to be reminded to take a break but, he continues.  

 In fact at one point I said to him..."Micaiah, if it's too difficult I'll just tell Will that we can't do it."  He didn't accept my statement but went back to brainstorming with Wes.  Then he began building again from the ground up.